4.1 Subways

4.1.1 Japan

TRTA Hanzomon line

Screen dump of a view from the line
The Hanzomon line in Tokyo's subway. The line goes from Shibuya/Z01 to Oshiage/Z14. For OpenBVE there is the alternative C1367S for the class 08 subway train starting at the railway station Hikifune at the Tobu Isesaki line then going to the subway's Hanzomon line at which it then continues as train B1367S from Oshiage/Z14 to Shibuya/Z01.

Very well-made line with many details, soft curves and realistic light conditions.

Green Shuttle infomate@shtr-m.net
34 min.
17855 m
 Works with OpenBVE:
Known problems:
In the beginning of the tunnel between Hikifune and Oshiage is a problem with transparency in the graphics that does not work properly. Openings in the wall to the left of the track are shown as blue.

It can be fixed by replacing the file entlight_a.bmp in the directory Railway\Route\hanzomon\enshin\abtob with a corrected version of entlight_a.bmp

Line description:
Official line map of the Tokyo subway, Wikipedia on the Hanzomon line, Wikipedia on the Tobu Isesaki line
The following applies when driving this route in OpenBVE: In the beginning of alternative C1367S, before departure from the railway station Hikifune at the Tobu Isesaki line, the safety system should be activated with the 8 key so that the indicator light TOB is lit. Also, the train's destination sign at the MFD should be set with the Page Down key to an alternative with 4 green characters in a green frame. When the train has stopped by the platform at next station, Oshiage/Z14 at the subway's Hanzomon line to continue as B1367S, the train's brakes should be set in the emergency brake position and the reverser in neutral position, the safety system should be changed with the 7 key so that the indicator light TRTA is lit, and the train's destination sign at the MFD should be set to an alternative with 2 red characters in a red frame.

From April 1 2004 (no April fools' joke) every station in the Tokyo subway has a normal station name in Japanese, but also a number. The number is composed of a western letter and two digits. The letter indicates at which line the station is, the number which station counted from one of the line's terminal stations.

Hanzomon line has the letter Z and the stations are numbered from 01 till 14, the terminus station Shibuya is station Z01 and the other terminus Oshiage is station Z14.

This number system was implemented to make it easier for foreigners to ride the subway.

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The BVE 4 version of this route, which is compatible with OpenBVE, has disappeared from the creator's website.
To download from this website:
Corrected version of entlight_a.bmp
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