4.2 Subway trains

4.2.1 Japan


Screen dump of the driver's view Picture of a class 01 subway train
TRTA 01 (zero-one) electric subway train. The train consists of 6 cars, of which 3 motorized and 3 trailers. All parts of the cars, including the framework, are made from light alloys. Very well done simulation with realistic sounds and photorealistic driver's stand. Speedometer with ATC-indication of highest permissible speed, upcoming signal aspect, and upcoming speed restriction. Manometer (pressure gauge), clock, pilot lamp and brake indicator. This train comes in 2 versions: One originally made for BVE 2 that is used with the B1507 alternative of the TRTA Ginza line; the other originally made for BVE 4 and used with the other alternatives for the TRTA Ginza line. Both versions works with OpenBVE.
# of veh.:
Total length:
96 m 
Total weight:
Ca. 154 t 
Traction pwr:
Max load:
608 pax. (of which ca. 188 seated)
Power source:
3rd rail 600 V DC
Max velocity:
80 km/h  
Safety systems in BVE:
Green Shuttle infomate@shtr-m.net
TRTA Ginza line 
 Works with OpenBVE:
Known problems:
The trains load with some errors and warnings in OpenBVE, but works properly any way.
Vehicle description:
Short history, technical data and pictures of and inside of class 01 (text in Japanese)
When using the BVE 4 version of this train in OpenBVE, the following keyboard keys are assigned for various functions: When using the BVE 2 version of this train in OpenBVE, the following keyboard keys are assigned for various functions:
Download from:
Those trains have disappeared from the creator's website.
To download from this website:
OpenBVE train package ver
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