4.2 Subway trains

4.2.2 New York

R-32 + R-58 garbage train

Screen dump of the driver's view Picture of a R-32 + R-58 garbage train
NYCTA garbage train that consists of four R-32 electric subway cars and three R-58 flat cars. The garbage train's consist is two R-32 electric subway cars in each end and three R-58 flat cars in the middle. Photorealistic driver's stand with digital speedometer, manometer (pressure gauge), and pilot lamp. The brake and power handles moves with the simulation in OpenBVE.
# of veh.:
Total length:
Ca. 113 m 
Total weight:
Ca. 181 t 
Traction pwr:
1376 kW 
Max load:
Power source:
3rd rail 625 V DC
Max velocity:
72 km/h  
Safety systems in BVE:
R-32: Ca. 1964
R-58: 1956
Mr Railfan
Dj Hammers
NYCTA line N 
 Works with OpenBVE:
Known problems:
Vehicle description:
The work train package has a large number of work trains, including 6 different consists of garbage trains. This is the one selected for the garbage train route that is bundled with the N line.
Download from:
Included in the large work train pack at BVEstation
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