4.1 Subways

4.1.3 Republic of China (a.k.a. Taiwan)

TRTC Nankang line

Screen dump of a view from the line
The Nankang line in the Taipei subway, for the class C341 subway train. The line goes between the stations Kunyang and Ximen. The line is a normal gauge 1435 mm line and the train power is distributed via 3rd rail 750 V DC. The Nankang line is, as all of the Taipei subway, rather new. This line was opened for traffic at X-mas evening 1999, except for the part between Kunyang and Taipei City Hall that was opened for traffic December 30 2000. Very well-made line with many details, soft curves and realistic switches.
ARMO~ bvetrt@yahoo.com.tw
18 min.
10250 m
 Works with OpenBVE:
Known problems:
Line description:
Official line map of the Taipei subway. The Nankang line is marked at the map with blue color
The route works with OpenBVE (but the class C341 train for the route does not).
Download from:
The line is no longer available from the creator's web site, which has disappeared from the Internet >10 years ago.
To download from this website:
Send mail to info@openbve.net for further information on where to get this route.
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