4.1 Subways

4.1.3 Republic of China (a.k.a. Taiwan)

TRTC Nankang line

Screen dump of a view from the line
The Nankang line in the Taipei subway, for the class C341 subway train. The line goes between the stations Kunyang and Ximen. The line is a normal gauge 1435 mm line and the train power is distributed via 3rd rail 750 V DC. The Nankang line is, as all of the Taipei subway, rather new. This line was opened for traffic at X-mas evening 1999, except for the part between Kunyang and Taipei City Hall that was opened for traffic December 30 2000. Very well-made line with many details, soft curves and realistic switches.
ARMO~ bvetrt@yahoo.com.tw
18 min.
10250 m
 Works with OpenBVE:
Known problems:
Line description:
Official line map of the Taipei subway.
The route works with OpenBVE (but the class C341 train for the route does not).
Download from:
The line is no longer available from the creator's web site, which has disappeared from the Internet almost 20 years ago.
To download from this website:
TRTC Nankang line bundled with the C341 subway train
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