4.3 Railroads

4.3.1 Japan

Sobu line

Screen dump of a view from the line
The Sobu line, the part from Chiba to Sakura. The line is electrified with overhead wire (1 500 V DC) and the gauge is 1067 mm. Very well-made simulation with a lot of details trackside and in the surroundings of the route. Soft curves and realistic switches.
Nakano Kasuza
1449M (local)
18 min.
15645 m
 Works with OpenBVE:
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Line description:
The Sobu line at Wikipedia
Download from:
The route has disappeared from the creator's website, where now a BVE 5 version is available of this route. It is not compatible with OpenBVE.
To download from this website:
For further information on if and where this route for OpenBVE may be available, please send e-mail to info@openbve.net
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