4.1 Subways

4.1.4 New York

NYCTA line R

Screen dump of a view from the line
Line R in New York's subway (the Astoria line, the Broadway line and the 4th Avenue line, all former BMT) for the class R-46 subway train. This line starts at Astoria - Ditmars Boulevard in Queens. It is going via Manhattan to Bay Ridge/95th Street in Brooklyn. This is the route the R line had until May 24, 1987. The team behind this route provides a well-done and beautiful simulation of the highest class. Stations, trackside objects and the urban environment is detailed. Soft curves and realistic switches, announcement of stations and connections.
Mr Railfan
R pre 1987
60 min.
26904 m
 Works with OpenBVE:
Known problems:
This route is released as a Beta version. A few switches are shown leading in another direction than the train actually goes.

There are more objects to download for this line than are mentioned on the route's download page. This route uses the LefShut object directory. It cannot be separately downloaded but is included with the newest version of A line. This route also uses the 4thAve object directory. It cannot be separately downloaded but is included with the newest version of R Shuttle line. All archives are listed in the "Download from"-section below and are needed to get this route to display the graphics properly

Line description:
The real world line R at the web site www.nycsubway.org:
Everything on the Queens Boulevard line
Everything on the Broadway line.
Everything on the 4th Avenue line
Download from:
Route, objects and sounds at BVEstation, 6th Avenue object pack at BVEstation,8th Avenue object pack at BVEstation, The A line at BVEstation from which the LefShut object directory is needed, The R Shuttle line at BVEstation from which the 4thAve object directory is needed, Lisa Raye 2 Object pack at BVEstation, Culver object pack at BVEstation, Broadway Sound folder at BVEstation
To download from this website:
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