4.6 Streetcars

4.6.1 Japan


Screen dump of the driver's view Picture of a class 880 streetcar
Nagoya Railroad Co, Ltd. (a.k.a. Meitetsu) class 880 electric streetcar. This is a 2-part articulated streetcar. As the class is also used on the Kakamigahara line, it can also run on 1500 V DC and not only on 600 V as most streetcars. Photorealistic driver's stand with speedometer, manometers (pressure gauges) and pilot lamp.
# of veh.:
Total length:
20 m 
Total weight:
26 t 
Traction pwr:
152 kW 
Max load:
Ca. 100 pax.
Power source:
Overhead wire 600 or 1500 V DC
Max velocity:
Safety systems in BVE:
Kaede Shiisugi
Minomachi line 
 Works with OpenBVE:
Known problems:
Vehicle description:
Pictures of and inside class 880 (text in Japanese)

Some 40 pictures of class 880 (text in Japanese, click the links for pictures)

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